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Kitchen Cabinet Designers in Cincinnati OH

At Western Custom Cabinetry, we help customers personalize their homes, guiding them through the process by way of 25+ years of industry knowledge and design expertise.

Our owner, Jeff Friesz, was raised in the home improvement industry and grew-up helping his father run a Home Center on the west side of Cincinnati. When his father’s company sold, he moved on to other ventures but found himself drawn back to the cabinetry industry.

Jeff worked with several cabinet suppliers over the years and was frustrated with the lack of options he was able to present to his clients. There always seemed to be a need for custom cabinetry in specific size increments or finish options unavailable through semi-custom product lines.

His goal was to give his clients full and total control of every detail of their entire cabinetry project. Jeff wanted to offer quality cabinetry, allowing for customization at a price point within reach of his clientele.

To accomplish that, he ventured out to find an Amish line that could fulfill these needs but also offer value. Typically, when people hear the words “Amish” and “Custom” they think expensive, so it was important to find a line were the price point could work for most consumers.

Most appointments with Western Custom Cabinetry’s design team are done in the comfort of your own home. This gives us a chance to not only see your style but also see what might not be working for your family.

Opening Spring 2020, our cabinet design gallery will add the benefit to our clients of being inspired by the products they will ultimately have in their homes, not just a picture. Being able to feel the quality of our cabinets for yourself will show you what sets us apart from the rest!

Simply put, working with us is awesome! Our team guides you through all phases of the cabinetry project from concept to reality. We pride ourselves on customer service and want your project to be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

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Meet the Team


“I love this industry because it’s never boring.”

Melissa Kehayes, senior designer, takes the approach of being a lifelong learner in the design industry. With a background in fashion it’s second nature to stay up on new trends (textures, appliances, and storage solutions too). And her specialty is kitchens- both tremendous and tiny. When working with a new client she listens to their concerns and desires to work out what the dream space should be.


“A good design can be made, but at its best it reflects the people it’s made for.”

Tammy Abner has had a passion for creating powerful visuals her entire life: outside, inside, in print and textiles. When designing for new clients, she wants to know who you are, how you live, and what you want to accomplish in your space. The goal is create lasting positive change that won’t be changed through the seasons, but last for many years-even a lifetime.


“I love seeing the transition from an idea on paper to a finished product that becomes a permanent fixture in a client’s home!”

The fabulous Betsy Brown is one of the top designers at Western. With 17 years of industry experience, she knows the ins and outs of design, installation, components and finishing. When working with clients she loves to be creative and incorporate texture and design while sticking to the budget.


“It’s fun to help people make their life better while making it look pretty too.”

Krista joined WCC in 2019 and has been designing for almost a decade. When working with new clients she loves finding ways to make their day-to-day life easier and match their taste in style. She gets to know them and encourages the clients to speak through pictures. It’s as valuable hearing what they dont like as what they do.


“Let’s take an outdated, nonfunctional space, and make it fresh and funcional.”

Chester Zimmer has been making moves at Western for the last couple years and we love having him here. With over a decade of experience, he’s trusted in the world of custom kitchens When working with a new client he prioritizes incorporating their personal style into the design.


“I enjoy all aspects of my job! From drafting the design to seeing the excitement on their faces when their dream kitchen comes to life.”

Our freshest face in the WCC design office, Toni O., joined our team in 2023. Her Interior design degree and cabinet industry experience has made it a snap to design spaces large and small. When she works with new clients she believes in listening to their needs and setting the expectations. Simple or complex, she wants you to feel comfortable with process.